Monday, January 16, 2006


There are three rules of ice fishing that Poppee ( a world classs ice fisherman - from Vermont, for Gods sake) has dubbed his golden rules. You will do well to heed them.
Rule #1: Be safe. Never ever walk out on unsafe ice. Drowning over a bucket of perch is not an option.
Rule #2: Don't be cheap.
Rule #3: Don't be a moron. Popee goes into some detail on this point. - Example; don't drill a fishing hole into another fisherman's foot just because he caught a fish.

Well, I have broken Popee's first 2 rules while taking the following photos. As I walked across the Lake, with coffee and camera in hand, I noticed the emptiness, and lack of vehicles. It was early. I sipped and framed up a couple shots, both of which did not work out. I walked a little further and heard a little sound. A grumble. A low level groan. Ice shifting. Crackling?
Techtonic plates rubbing elbows? No, - I could see open water.
Popee suggests you carrry an ice auger or meta cleaver, - something to extracate yourself when you make the icy plunge into the morass. I had a Swiss army knife. I backed away ....slowly.
I did not violate rule #3. The morning shots are my gift to you.


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