Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ridgewood Road

Once there was a little country road; Ridgewood Road... a curvy little 25mph road that connects Vinehill and Highway 101. Continuing growth has transformed this little road into a busy thoroughfare. New construction lines the road. The little Par 3 Municipal golf course is long gone. Replaced by townhomes and man-made ponds.
Sigh!...I think of the many golf balls I lost in the encroaching rough on this little course. I think of a last round of golf shot there with a friend who is now also long gone.
But that is development, and I am admittedly a mild reactionary with Luddite tendencies... not always the most visionary. Still it is sad to see this road dissappear to the City of Minnetonka expansion.
They are laying sewer drains and other infrastructure there now.


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