Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Kent Hrbek ALS Bass Fishing Tournament 2008

Kent Hrbek - 08 ALS Bass Tournament
Kent Hrbek ALS Charity Bass Fishing Contest
I stopped into Maynards in Excelsior Monday to see how things were working out for the Kent Hrbek ALS Bass Tournament. It was a very jockular group standing in line with their hauls for the weigh in. The sun was bright, the air calm. A local DNR guy told me that the fish were not biting too much. A group of young Twins fans crowded the stage for a look at their faves, and hoping not to get splashed by a Bass or illegal Walleye.
Not being a celebrity, I was gently shown the other side of the rope as I jockeyed for some close ups (of the Bass).
Viking linebacker Chad Greenway and Jesse Ventura discuss hair length and it's relationship to performance. Jesse did most of the talking.


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