Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rock Stars Wanted on Wayzata Boulevard

Rock Stars Wanted
Non smoking, drug-free rock stars with hair net welcome. Experience with Statocaster, Les Paul Bass, keyboard or toaster oven a plus. Currently seeking a Roto-Tom player with a Class C Drivers license.


Jimmy Johns is a new Gourmet Sandwich Franchise now open on Wayzata Boulevard. It bills itself as a gourmet and funky franchise. This from their web site - about employee success:
"We're not talking success as in shiny new car success, we're talking success as in 'position of power in a world wide sandwich empire success' "

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kids don't float

A nice, if not a bit cloying statement. As for the graphics, if you take them literally one must remember - Otters DO float, dive and swim.
"Otters are exceptional hunters and feed both in and out of the water. They can swim with barely a ripple or splash and reach speeds of up to 7mph underwater, being able to hold their breath for up to two minutes".

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sun and shadows

Lafayette Bay
Lafayette Bay

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Toonie in training

Toonie in training
A reluctant Olympian, Toonie the Shetland Sheepdog clears the bar with about 12 inches to spare. Her unorthodox non-Fosby flop method of jumping will have its height limitations (but with the addition of steriods she should be able to outperform them all).

Bay of Pig

bay of pig
An abandoned plackard at Gray's Bay stood atop a concrete post, waiting to be reclaimed.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday spaced out ...the most popular planets in science fiction.

10 popular planets to visit

1. Krypton - Superman's home planet, and source of Kryptonite.
2. Vulcan - Star Trek - logically.
3. Soror - Planet of the Apes
4. Andromeda - don't strain yourself.
5. Kobol - Battle Star Galactica's home. Kind of like my car.
6. Planet X - Art Bell's mysterious planet ...featuring the Reptillians!
7. Arrakis - Dune - Home of the Spice Melange ( I just
wanted to say "melange" one more time).
8. Remulak - Coneheads coniferous wohnung
9. Rigel 7 - Simpson's visitng aliens Kang and Kodos drooling home
10. Bajor - empathetially yours from the whimpy Star Trek Next Generation.
11. Pluto - Walt Disney's lost planet.

Deephaven Beach near Azure Avenue

On the skids
Green light, red light .

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Deephaven Days - a sign of Summer!

Deephaven Days

Is this Real?

Is this a fake?
Astute Minnetonkascenes reporters, consulting with crack New York Times reporters on location, have determined that their published photos of recent missile testings were possibly photoshopped images.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A note on James J Hill Dachshund Races

At the Dachshund races
It is early, but a lot of people are inquiring about the September 6th James J Hill Weiner Dog Races. Go to the Wayzata Chamber of Commerce web site - just google it - then look it up in their James J. Hill Day page. Entry form, categories, races and past weiners are all there.
Dog lovers will agree - this is a very popular and fun event. The people are just as much fun as the dogs. Get there early with a chair or blanket. You'll be competing for a view.

Dog breed group
Hound Dog
Origin of breed
Germany for hunting badgers
Life expectancy
up to 16 years
Black and tan or solid red. Also, white and tan, dappled (swirling mixture of brown, gray, white, and black.) Eyes are brown; eyes in dappled dogs are bluish white. Nose is black, brown, or gray.
Coat type
Longhaired: Silky, with longer hair on the chest, stomach, legs, and tail.
Smooth: Hard and short.
Exercise needs
Three walks totaling 45 minutes per day.
Moderate to high energy level. Clever, lively, courageous, bold. Independent and stubborn. Quite barky. Makes an excellent watchdog. Reserved with strangers.

Simple shots on a clear day

Sails 3
There is not much to say. Beucholic sailboats angle across the Lake, criss-crossed by powerboats, and personal water craft. The weather has been not-oppressively warm, and in general sunny & breezy. I have had the occasion to see large flat bottomed boats carrying boulders across the lake for landscaping to protect from shoreline errosion.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


As I drove across the dusty rolling hills of St. Bonifacious I noted that the crop growth was slow, withering. Then Monday evening I could almost hear a cheer as the heavy, muggy sky opened up with a couple brief torrents of rain.

A Shared Fire Engine

Excelsior fire!

Five Lake Minnetonka communities share fire deparetment services. You can read the names right on the door.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Cottagewood General Store July 3

Cottagewood General Store July 3, 2008
I stopped off on the way to work for an early morning photo of the General Store, the day before the annual 4th of July Celebration which begins at around 9am.
This is a very family oriented, quaint throwback to the early 1900s. The annual Cottagewood event features the world's shortest 4th of July Parade @ 10am. Be there on time or you will miss it.
Other events remind me of the "church bazaars" I attended when I was a yute; cake walk (kids walk, cakes don't), a fishing pond, raffle, other kids games. You can also gawk at the new homes in the neighborhood, or just wander aound and look at the decorated dogs, bikes and tricycles. Buy a t-shirt, eat a hot dog.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Wayzata Depot

The Wayzata Depot is decked out for the 4th of July.
The Depot was built by James J Hill. It was a peace offering by the Empire Builder to the City of Wayzata after a 19th Century (well known) feud. Finally the tourists were let off on the main street.
James J Hill Days Railroad

Wayzata Marina revisited