Thursday, July 10, 2008

A note on James J Hill Dachshund Races

At the Dachshund races
It is early, but a lot of people are inquiring about the September 6th James J Hill Weiner Dog Races. Go to the Wayzata Chamber of Commerce web site - just google it - then look it up in their James J. Hill Day page. Entry form, categories, races and past weiners are all there.
Dog lovers will agree - this is a very popular and fun event. The people are just as much fun as the dogs. Get there early with a chair or blanket. You'll be competing for a view.

Dog breed group
Hound Dog
Origin of breed
Germany for hunting badgers
Life expectancy
up to 16 years
Black and tan or solid red. Also, white and tan, dappled (swirling mixture of brown, gray, white, and black.) Eyes are brown; eyes in dappled dogs are bluish white. Nose is black, brown, or gray.
Coat type
Longhaired: Silky, with longer hair on the chest, stomach, legs, and tail.
Smooth: Hard and short.
Exercise needs
Three walks totaling 45 minutes per day.
Moderate to high energy level. Clever, lively, courageous, bold. Independent and stubborn. Quite barky. Makes an excellent watchdog. Reserved with strangers.


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