Monday, October 06, 2008

The Garden Patch 2008

Garden Patch Scarecrows
She told me not to pick the 25lb pumpkin up by the stem. She told me. - So I reached down and firmly grabbed the stem and lifted.... then I remembered what I had just been told.- I bought that pumpkin and a few others as well as a shock of dried corn stalks.
The Garden Patch is a small garden stand on Smithtown Road in Excelsior/Shorewood. Every year the owners set out a spooky, fun and informative display about Halloween. The display is complete with skeletons, goblins, witches and warning signs. They also have the occasional Spiderman and Humpty Dumpty for diversity.
The display is pared down this year. The owner told me that the effort is considerable, and now they must start gearing up chop, chop, for the Christmas Season. Each year, she said, the Christmas and Holiday season sales begin earlier and they MUST be ready by November 10 or earlier. So severed heads will roll, and the Halloween stiff is coming down and - being sold off.
A tisket, a tasket......


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