Saturday, January 23, 2010

North American Pond Hockey in the rain

The biggest danger at the NAPHT was slipping and falling on the wet ice. It was pond hockey on actual ponds. The temperature was 34 degrees and there was a steady drizzle of rain to glaze the surface of Lake Minnetonka. Still, an enthusiastic member of "The Chicks with Sticks" raved about what a great tournament it was. The local law enforcement made sure cars were not parked on the ice to avoid any submersions. A steady stream of competitors and their people took little baby steps across the ice to the rinks. This is one of the few January hockey tournaments with fans carrying umbrellas.
who gives a flying?

Wet ice not so nice

He scores!

Team: Chicks with Sticks- from Fargo ND

24 - Iconoclast on ice.


Blogger Unknown said...

Great photos! What dedication..playing hockey in the rain!

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