Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Underbeats

My recent reference to the Underbeats “Foot Stompin” got me to thinking about the early “Garage bands” of the Twin cities in the 60’s. The popular Underbeats tore up Reggies Danceland in Excelsior.
The Underbeats
This excerpt from a Reggie's Danceland reference about the now-defunct Excelsior hot spot:
“A popular local dance tune in the early sixties was by a group called The Underbeats. “Footstompin’” got the kids at Danceland stomping their feet so hard, according to Castaways keyboardist Jim Donna, that “the owner came up and stopped the band; he was afraid of structural damage.”

I never heard them play live - I lived in So. St. Paul “Cowtown” and was blasted by the Battle of the Bands at Wakota Arena. I saw the Fabulous Flippers (Sour Finger!) and many other Chicago blues groups live. I did hear the Underbeats play as their later incarnation "Gypsy". In the late 60s and early 70s The Underbeats progressed to a more voluminious studio sound and headed to California where they became "Gypsy".
"Warning... Warning!
(Gypsy Queen part 1).


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