Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Intrigue in the parking lot.

While shooting a photo of a red-orange shopping cart confronting a yellow plow blade I found myself witnessing an apparent drug deal. I was in the very back of the parking lot shooting photos, and there was a Mini-Cooper with a lone driver sitting in the driver's seat. I looked at the driver and kind of shrugged. I had just dropped off some DVD's* at Blockbuster. He had seen me.
A white panel van came cruising across the lot and pulled up kitty-wampus (nice term isn't it?) next to the Mini Cooper and two guys got out of the side door. They exchanged a baggy of white 'something' -too much to be cocaine I think, so it was something else, for some cash with the Mini Cooper driver. They looked at me with my camera, then they all just sped away.
I guess even unshaven with a camera, I don't look like a threat to drug dealers. Perhaps it was because my cap was not on backwards, or even slightly kitty wampus.... Perhpas it is because I use words like kitty wampus.

* One of the movies I returned featured the woman who previously was called Demi Moore. She is unrecognizable. A case of plastic surgury gone bad.
- Pardon my random gliteratti observation.


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