Monday, April 10, 2006

My First Spring Bicycle Ride

I began my ride in the rolling hills of St. Bonifacious, starting from the Ox Yoke Stables. I forgot to bring my helmet, so I borrowed an English Riding Helmet from 'the barn'. These helmets come equipped with a sun visor in front. This limits your range of vision, especially if you are bent over a drop handle bicycle, have Glaucoma vision and are fighting a 30 mile per hour head wind .
I took off, up and down a series of hills and I quickly fatigued. After 4 miles out, I turned back and with the wind to my back shot down the open road. I detoured a bit and I practiced braking and stopping and putting my shoes back into the clips. Easy does it.

It was a short ride, maybe a grand total of 10 miles, - more like 9. But with the hills, and the wind, and the clown helmet, I endured my first outing.

I ride a 17 year old Trek Touring Bike that I still think of as new. It is a fine bike.


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