Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sweet Suites for 101

Bushaway Road. A rickety little bridge over an over-used railroad overpass. It is going to be interesting to see how the City of Wayzata treats this little bridge as they build the infrastructure to support the Locust Hills Developements.

If you want to read the city Council Meeting minutes... well good luck. You can review the video tapes though. A New self editing policy by the City Council allows them to simply summarize the meetings in their "minutes".

I will give you and example - hypothetical;

What Councilman "Jim" said: "The monies for transforming the historic "Sweet" Stables and Farm, and also tearing down the existing historic bridge - and rebuilding it - will be absorbed by the monies alloted by the Met Council, tax increment financing to the developers and a mix of revenue enhancements built into a 30 year city plan as outlined in this report ".

In the Council Minutes summary: "The farm, stable and bridge will really be sweet!'


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