Monday, May 07, 2007

Gina Maria's Pizza delivers to Cottagewood (and Deephaven)

Gina Maria's, an accidental Pizza

We decided to spend our meager winnings from Canterbury Downs on a pizza. Papa Johns would not answer the phone. My frustrtion set in. You cannot get a good pizza delivered to Cottagewood/Deephaven. Papa Johns was always a "punt" situation.
We picked up the phone book, flipped the pages, and called Gina Maria's having decided to gamble again. Yes, they would deliver. We were on their delivery fringe.
I am pleased to report to the good citizens of Deephaven. You do not have to order chain pizzas! Gina Maria's delivers!

This from their letter size, 3 fold, handout:
"Whether you consider yourself a connoisseur, or just apprectiate good food, Gina Maria's Pizza stands out from the rest".
I concur. It was an old fashioned, quality pizza with a great sauce. My apologies for my photo provided. The leftover pizza tasted great, but it photographed poorly.


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