Thursday, February 09, 2012

Februar notes

I was born in February. An unlucky month according to some, the only month to retain the lunar cycle. In the ides we find Valentine's Day.

When Orion pales

"Julius Caesar asked an astronomer, Sosigenes of Alexandria, Egypt, to devise a better calendar. What resulted is called the Julian Calendar. He abandoned aligning the months with lunar cycles, and adopted months of 30 or 31 days length, keeping February at 28 days. He introduced an extra day in February in leap years. Sound familiar?

Julius Caesar re-named the 5th month after himself. His successor, Augustus Caesar, re-named the 6th month after himself.

The first day of each month was called Kalendae, or calends. Debts were due on this day, so books to track payments were called calendarium (account book) from which we get our modern day calendar." Calender History


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