Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Bennet Family Park. The clean up man.

Cleanup day

Along Highway 101 in Minnetonka is Bennett Field.
I looked up the field's web site, knowing nothing about the field. I was attracted to the new sign, like a bird to something bright.

"The original property was 22 acres owned by the Ted Bennett family. They had donated the property to the Deephaven Gun Club who operated a trap shooting range (located in far right field of Bennett #3, they shot from west to east). Harold Strot and Ray Peterson (Peterson Shoes) generated the idea for the park. In 1955 the Gun Club agreed to allow Little League to use a portion of the land for a field. By the summer of 1956 funds had been raised to fill, clear and grade the field. Sod was laid in October and backstops, fences, dugouts and a concession stand were finished in time for a June 1, 1957 opener. Mayor Bud Robb of Deephaven threw out the first pitch for that opener."


By the warning track.


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