Monday, March 11, 2013

The Big Thrill Factory, Minnetonka

The Fun Machine

The Big Thrill Factory on is on Hwy 7 and 101. Old K-Mart blue light specials still haunt the pot holed riddled parking lot. The Big Thrill has an entrance reminiscent of the Charlie Chaplain movie “Modern Times”. My suggestion to the owner(s) is: “More Thrill/ Less Factory". But just the fact that I am familiar with the vintage silent movie shows how close my fingers are to the pulse of the times. Inside the BT Factory it is dark and abstract,like the final episodes of the original Star Trek. It is lit with colorful flashing lights and wallpapered with visually redundant video monitors. There are bowling lanes. A food court. Mock gambling. I wander through a maze of arcade-like games and contests with State-Fair Midway-like prizes. It was Sunday morning. The crowd had not arrived. I think it would be fun on a gloomy day for parents to get the kids out of the house. Good unhealthy fun.

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