Sunday, December 17, 2006

Biella in Excelsior

Biella's Italian Cuisine

I get more Google searches about “Biellas” in Excelsior (and its sister restaurant Ravellos in Long Lake) than any other topics. I have eaten at both restaurants and have nothing but praise for the food, attentive service and the sincere Italian dining ambience. Hey,- I lived in New Jersey for 2 years, where I was exposed to ambience. Clams Cassino anyone? ....I once walked into an Italian restaurant in new Brunswick as the fiery owner threw a steaming calzone at the refrigerator while shouting angrily "we don’t deliver small pizzas!” into the phone receiver (black, wall mounted style telephone).
They made best calzones I have ever had.

Biella and 52

Back to Biella; The owner of both Biella and Ravello restaurants, Mark Nazigian, is the type of guy who is not averse to standing in the July heat, over a smoking Italian Grill on Excelsior’s main street serving customers hot Italian sausage and peppers panninis. His jovial smile is broad and unnaffected.

The evening menu is a little more Piedmonte:

These selections as listed from the street, on Biella's window-posted menu;

Truffle Gnocci with oven roasted tomatoes, asparagus and baby artichokes.
$6/12 (hors du oevres/entree)

Wild Mushroom Rissotto with scallions and chive oil

Spinach Raviolli with pumpkin puree,
buttermilk blue cheese and shrimp nutmeg brown butter


Procuitto wrapped tuna with peanut red cabbage slaw
finished with pomegranate syrup

New Zealand rack of lamb
with conift potatoes, sauteed brocollini,
finished with Cherve topped with balsamic syrup

Plum braised short ribs wuth golden baby potatoes
and glazed baby carrots

Salmon Wellington with Foi Gras,
finshed with red wine and mushroom demiglace

Many more items... these just selected samples. Hungry...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that menu looks awsome!
My new favorite herb is terragon, but there is nothing in this world more beautuful than tomato and basil.
Growing up with an Italian Grandma.. Italian restrants are always disapointing... I get all excited to see something on the menu then when it comes I'm like whats that? Order the ribs for me please! and let me know how they are :)...
still, sorry to admit... Greek is my fav.

9:17 PM  
Blogger minnetonkafelix said...

I will order the ribs sometime soon. Greek is not a very common ethnic cuisine here. St. Paul has "The Acropol", and Awadas. I know that Greek is very popular in Pittsburgh...I guess that accounts for your love of the Greek philosphers too!

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've eaten at Biella a couple times and loved it. Definately an upscale eatery. I actually would go there for take-out if they offered it, but this place is a step-up from even nice takeout.

This is some high quality Italian.. you won't get the crazy portions or the stomach ache that you do at Olive Garden. This is the real thing.

8:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love Biella. Beautiful restaurant, great food, great staff!

11:08 AM  

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