Thursday, February 16, 2012

Boppa Boppa Lupe Lu - more of my stream of consciousness living

The Chancellors 1960s
One of my favorite garage songs is the Chancellors version of "Little Latin Lupe Lu" (my spelling). I return to it every so often to renew and reinvigrate my youth. Ye Ha!
This is a picture of the Soma recording stars at the University of Minnesota circa 1960s.
Button down Chancellors.
On Friday night I will attend an evening at the Bayview Events Center in Excelsior, a location very near Reggie's Danceland(long defunct), where the Chancellors and many Soma bands performed. Fergie Frederickson of ToTo, and Alex Ligertwood of Santana will be onstage singing in a benefit concert for "Pink Courage". Pink Courage is a not-for-profit that supports cancer survivors, as well as educates about cancer.


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