Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday is my day to borrow a joke


A produce clerk is querried by a stingy customer; "How much for half a head of lettuce?"
Not knowing the answer, The clerk turns and walks to ask the manager. Following right behind him, unknown to the clerk, is the customer.
The clerk says to his manager "Sir, some stupid dufuss wants to buy half a head of iceberg lettuce!" He then turns and sees the customer standing there. Quickly he continues.. "But this very fine and generous patron is willing to buy the other half".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Felix, you forgot the rest of the joke! The manager says to the guy "Great save! We are looking for people like you to manage our new stores in Canada. Would you be interested?" The fellow says, "Ooof, Canada! Nothing up there but hookers and hockey players!" Manager: "My mother's Canadian!" Fellow: "Fabulous! What team does she play for??"

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