Monday, February 27, 2012

Stairway to Seven


"7 Hi". A light commercial hub on Highway 7 and 101. Strip malls and one story commercial zones invite social commentary. The sameness of these zones creates a feeling of convenience and niche marketing. So be it, they reflect our commercial souls, even more than malls. 7Hi may be a strip mall, but it is our strip mall! Volume of sales is directly related to the traffic level and population density and this is a pretty good one.
I occasionally sit in my car and observe the flow of life through the strip mall. Cross-over vehicles dart diagonally across striped lots. In the summer young high school students lure motorist into charity car washes. Shopping carts run free.
Anchored by mega-grocers and mega-retailers, other stores are shouldered next to each in odd juxtaposition. An auto parts distributor next to a Caribou Coffee, Dairy Queen, H.R. Block tax services next to a Christian Book Store, next to a Photo mat.



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